Arjan’s Haze 3


THC: 13.29%
CBD: 1.2%
მოს: (Outdoor)1000 გრ/მ²
მოს: (indoor)700 გრ/მ²
ყვავილობის პერიოდი: 8-10 კვირა
სიმ (Outdoor): საშუალო
სიმ (Indoor): საშუალო
გენეტიკა: Laos Sativa, Original Haze
ტიპი: Indica 30%, Sativa 70%
ეფექტები: ბედნიერი, ეიფორიული, შემოქმედებითი, 
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Arjan’s Haze # 3

Arjan’s Haze # 3 არის 70% სატივა რომელიც გამოყვანილი იქნა Haze – ის შეჯვარებით Laos – თან. Green House Seed Co. აცხადებს, რომ Arjan’s Haze # 3 ყველაზე სწრაფად ყვავილებადი ჯიშია მთელს მსოფლიოში.

ყვავილობა და მოსავალი

Arjan’s Haze # 3 10 კვირის განმავლობაში მზად არის და მისი მოსავალი არის დაახლოებით 700 გრ / 2.


THC დონე ზომიერია 13.29%. CBN არის დაახლოებით 2.04% . მისი გემო ტკბილი, ხილის გემოვნებით სასიამოვნოა, ეფექტები კი ძალიან ძლიერი და სწრაფი აქვს.

Arjan’s Haze #3 is a 70% sativa cannabis strain that was bred by crossing Haze with a strain from Laos in south east Asia. Green House Seed Co. claims that this plant is the fastest-flowering Haze strain available anywhere in the world.

Haze strains are famous for taking forever to finish the flowering stage but with Arjan’s Haze #3 it is now possible to get that incredibly euphoric sensation from your own stash in a much-reduced period of time. It remains a fairly short plant considering its pedigree and is a good choice for use in either a SoG or SCRoG growing system indoors. In this environment it will produce a yield of about 700 gr/m2 in a 10 week flowering period.

If cultivated outdoors it will thrive in a range of climates including equatorial, sub-tropical, Mediterranean as well as warm, dry, temperate climates. It remains quite short and bushy but is a strong plant with good flexibility so high winds should not become a problem for growers. Outdoors it can produce harvests of up to 1 kg/plant by the middle of October in northern latitudes.

THC levels are perhaps surprisingly moderate at 13.29%; the medium-level CBD figure of 1.2% helps to combat the tendency of Haze strains to be a bit “edgy” and helps to make it therapeutically useful for the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and muscle spasms. CBN was measured at 2.04%. It is a particularly sweet, fruity-tasting sativa with that previously-mentioned feeling of euphoria which is also creative and extremely social – smokers and vapers shouldn’t be staring into space by themselves with this one but will really enjoy the party!

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